Saturday, January 07, 2006

Trade Me, Don't Trade Me!

Two of the more interesting stories this off-season have been the trade demands made by Manny Ramirez of the Red Sox and Miguel Tejada of the Orioles. Manny felt he was being disrespected by the Boston media and Tejada stated that he was upset with the direction Baltimore was heading and he wanted to be traded to a contender. Now comes word that both men have changed their minds and want to stay right where they are.

Manny, speaking to a reporter for, said that he loves Boston and does not want to be traded. However, as with most things involving Manny, there remains some confusion. After the report of his trade demand retraction hit, Manny's agent made a statement indicating that Manny "has no recollection" of speaking to any reporters.

In Miggy's case, he spoke to Orioles GM Dan Duquette today (in a 3-way call with Luis Matos) and indicated that he had a change of heart. He also indicated that he now wants to stay in Baltimore and wants to help build the Orioles into a contender. Although Tejada may now be staying, Baltimore is far from contending anytime in the near future.

Although I think the Orioles are doing exactly what they should be doing (i.e. keeping Tejada), I was hoping that the Cubs could swing a deal to bring him to the North Side. I still view shortstop as a gaping hole for the Cubs and would love to see them bring in a top caliber ball player to fill the hole. Now that Tejada appears to be out of the picture, I'm not sure where they turn.

On a related note, the Chicago Sun Times reported today that Neifi Perez will likely be the Cubs starting second baseman in 2006. I assume this also means that Ronny Cedeno will get the starting nod at short.

First, I don't think a middle infield of Ronny Cedeno and Neifi Perez bodes well for the Cubbies chances. Second, what about Todd Walker (see previous post)? I'm not one of those reactionary Cubs' fans that is ready to slit their wrists every time the Cubs make a move, but I have to admit that the prospect of Cedeno and Perez being the Cubs shortstop and second baseman respectively does depress me a bit. I fervently hope that Jim Hendry can perform some magic to further improve the upcoming edition of the Cubs. Otherwise, the 2006 season could be a long one.


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