Friday, September 08, 2006

I Just Can't Watch Any More

I can’t bring myself to talk about the 2006 Cubs. Every time I do, my mind immediately goes to what the team needs to do to be competitive in 2007. I have just completely given up on the team for this year.

When I say I’ve given up, I don’t mean that I am just realizing that the Cubs won’t be going to the post season. That happened a few months ago. I mean that I’ve just lost interest. There’s just nothing happening with this team that I want to invest my time in.

I think it is probably a defense mechanism. Every time I watch the Cubs play, I get upset. Following the team this year has been one of the most frustrating experiences of my life as a Cubs fan. The GM doesn’t seem to have a clue how to build a team, the manager makes some very questionable moves that he explains away with indecipherable quotes and responsibility shirking excuses, and the players just play really poorly. The whole bunch has been a huge disappointment.

The Cubs need to start acting like the big market team that they are. This idea of building a team that will be “competitive” provided everything goes correctly has got to go. They need to build in redundancies into their roster. When one guy goes down (which will inevitably happen) they need to have someone ready to step in.

I’ve said it elsewhere in this blog, but I’ll say it again. The first thing that needs to change on this team is their attitude. They need a new approach and a new culture. Once there is a commitment to and expectation of winning, then things will begin to fall into place. Until then, the Cubs will remain the biggest disappointment in MLB.