Saturday, October 14, 2006

What a Crazy, Mixed Up Story

The on again/off again Bruce Bochy story is on again. Or is it off again?...Yesterday, the Padres announced that they have granted Bochy permission to talk ot other teams. It is rumored that both the Cubs and Giants have asked to interview Bochy...Meanwhile, the Sun-Times is reporting that the Cubs have agree in principle to hire Lou Pinella. The article indicates that the announcement of Pinell's hiring will be made after the NLCS. Thre sun-Times article went on to say that "higher ups" at the Trib Co. refused to let Hendry interview Bochy...At the same time, The Tribune is reporting that Bochy is still very much in the running. The article said that Trb officials are concerned that Pinella's price tag will be too high and Bochy is the more cost-effective alternative. Doubters believe that the Bochy story in the Trib is just a red herring to held moderate Pinella's contract demands...Where is Joe Girardi in all of this. The once front runner for the Cubs manager job had a second interview with the Nats. They are apparently very high on Girardi. It was also announced that Joe G. will be doing some TV for Fox during the World Series...Bob Brenly's name is not even being whispered anymore in relation to the Cubs job. Brenly interviewed with Hendry, but he is considered to be an extreme long shot to get the job. However, he is high on the list in Texas and still a viable candidate on San Francisco...The agent for Aramis Ramirez and Jim Hendry exchanged contract offers this past week. They are expected to talk again this weekend...No news on Juan Pierre. In this case, no news may really be good news.


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