Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cubs Cafe Recognized by TCR

I was reading The Cub Reporter, the preeminent Cubs blog on the web, when I came across this little ditty:

“As I was poking around the web, there were a few members of the Cubs blog army that I found something worth reading, so I thought they deserved a shout out. So go check out Cubs Cafe, A Hundred Next Years, Wrigleyville23 and the (mostly) satirical Fire Lou Piniella! and say hi.”

Wow! The Cubs Café has been recognized as “something worth reading” by Rob G. at TCR. That is so cool!

Rob and the rest of the gang at TCR do a fantastic job of covering the world of all things Cubs related. It was a thrill to have them recognize Cubs Café in their Friday, January 12, 2007 post.

Thanks to Rob and everyone at TCR for the shout out. It is much appreciated.


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