Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cubs Loss to Braves Really Hurts

I don’t know what to say. I’m not panicking or jumping off the bandwagon, but tonight’s loss was disheartening. Zambrano gave up four runs in the first inning, but the Cubs kept fighting back. Unfortunately, every time the team fought back, one of the players blew the momentum. Izturis had a ridiculous error, Eyre couldn’t throw strikes when he had to, and neither Izturis nor Theriot could get timely hits, each leaving three runners on base.

Not everything was bad. Neal Cotts looked good in relief, DLee and JJones went 2-4, Felix Pie hit a triple, and Mark DeRosa hit his 4th HR of the year.

Tonight’s loss was a tough one. None of the losses are good, but tonight’s particularly hurt. The good news is that the team has started to hit and scored six runs tonight. The bad news is that it still wasn’t enough.


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