Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's in the Stars

The stars are starting to line up so that my crazy idea can come to fruition (see 4/17 post). The Yankees lack of pitching is more apparent now after the Red Sox series than it has been all year. Randy Johnson stunk up the place in the first game of the series, and Mike Mussina was nearly as bad in the second (although the Yankee bats saved him). Joe Torre is trying to put a good face on things, but he (and everyone else) knows that the Yankees do not have the arms to get them to the post season.

At the same time, Alex Rodriguez has suddenly fallen out of favor with the Yankees brass. After making two errors in the first game of the Red Sox series, George Steinbrenner said he wasn't happy with the effort the team was making, particularly "the third baseman." Is there any doubt that Steinbrenner is on Brian Cashman's butt to find some more pitching? Maybe now A-Rod will be the trade bait they dangle to get the arm(s) they need.

It might just be wishful thinking on my part, but I think this is just the beginning of a series of events that will eventually lead to Mark Prior, et al becoming property of the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez becoming the Cubs new shortstop (sorry Ronny Cedeno). In case you haven't read my 4/17 post, Dontrelle Willis will also be returning to the Cubs.

I admit, I might be nuts, but if things go the way I've described, remember you heard it here first.


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