Sunday, October 15, 2006

Get Over Your Crush, Jim

Would someone please explain to me this man crush that Jim Hendry has for Bruce Bochy. Hendry is in a no-lose position by being able to choose between Lou Pinella and Joe Girardi to be the next Cubs manager. But Hendry isn’t satisfied. He has to try to screw up the situation by lusting after Bochy. Fortunately, it appears from published reports that officials at The Trib Co. have stepped in and denied Hendry permission to interview Bochy, saving Hendry from himself.

Cubs fans will gladly accept either Girardi or Pinella. Girardi is the new golden boy who holds the promise of bringing long-term success to the Cubs. Pinella is the proven leader with the win-right-now attitude. Both guys are popular choices among Cubs fans.

Hendry would be well advised to forget about the guy with the big noggin and just concentrate on Pinella and Girardi. Don’t screw up your first big off-season move, Jim. This is a no-brainer. Just flip a coin and let’s move forward.


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