Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lou Isn't Happy

The Cubs are 0-4 so far this Spring and Lou Piniella isn’t happy about it. On Sunday, after losing to the White Sox by a score of 13-2, Piniella showed the first signs of the fiery nature he is well known for.

“Our pitchers aren’t pitching well, and our hitters aren’t hitting very well,” Piniella said. “Outside of that, we’re OK.”

Piniella went on to say, “I’ve only been here four days, but I certainly don’t like what I see. I’m being truthful. There’s a whole lot of work to do here. I’m talking about everything. You walk people, and right after the walks come the big flys. The ball carries well in Arizona, but it seems like its only carrying for the other side right now.”

I appreciate what Lou has to say. I know it’s only Spring Training and it’s only been four games, but the Cubs don’t look good. In four games, the Cubs have been outscored 36-15 and they have left 28 runners on base. These are not the characteristics of a successful team.

It’s way too early to panic about the 2007 season. The Cubs made a lot of changes over the Winter and it’s going to take a little time for the team to gel. In addition, Spring is the time to try out some of the players who likely will end up spending the season in the minors. Even so, an 0-4 start to the Spring isn’t something that a fragile Cubs fan can use to build their confidence in their favorite team. We’re a vulnerable lot and we could use a few wins to bolster our spirits.


At 7:46 PM, Blogger MrCub99 said...

I'm glad Lou stated that he was not happy. When we had Dusty, it seemed as if everything was alright with the world, and we knew it wasn't. If Lou yells everyday, players won't listen but if he lets it fly every once in a while, maybe he will start a fire underneath the 100 Million Dollar Men.


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