Monday, January 09, 2006

Relief Coming to the Hall (Part 6)

Here is the final look at this year's HOF nominees.

Bruce Sutter -- Bruce Sutter was so good he was almost unhittable (except by Ryne Sandberg). He saved 300 games, which was third all-time when he retired, behind HOFer Rollie Fingers and should-be HOFer Goose Gossage. He won the 1979 NL Cy Young award and received Cy Young votes four other years. He will forever be remembered as the pitcher who developed the split-fingered fastball, the pitch that helped make him so unhittable. The rap against Sutter is that he didn't pitch long enough; only 12 years. However, during his 12 year career he averaged more than 80 innings per year, often pitching two or even three innings per appearance. Bruce Sutter revolutionized the game with his new pitch and the way he used it. He belongs in the Hall.

Alan Trammell -- Tramell was never the league MVP, but he did receive votes in three different years. He also was named the MVP of the 1984 World Series. He was named to six all-star teams and won four Gold Glove awards. Trammell was really good, but not good enough for the Hall.

Walt Weiss -- Good guy. Nice career. No HOF.

John Wettland -- Wettland was very good for a rather short time. He pitched for 12 years and was named to three all-star teams. He was named the WS MVP in 1996 and received votes for the AL Cy Young Award in 1999. Wettland had a nice career, but it was not up to the standards of the Hall.


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