Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thought for the Day

The team had high hopes at the beginning of the year, but one of their all-star players is on the DL with a broken wrist and the star pitcher they counted on to lead the team to the promised land is injured and hasn't thrown a pitch yet this year. Sound familiar? I'm sure you probably thought I was talking about the Cubs, but I wasn't.

The team I described is the New York Yankees and they are battling the Red Sox in the AL East with a 26-19 record. In contrast, the Cubs have a record of 18-28 and are battling the mighty Pittsburgh Pirates for the basement in the NL Central. The moral: Well constructed teams have expensive, but excellent players, have a Plan B, and demonstrate character when they face adversity. Poorly constructed teams overpay for mediocre players, have no plan if things go wrong, and respond to adversity by punching their opponents. The Cubs desperately need a makeover and they need to start at the top.


At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Windbag said...

I see you know even less about baseball than you do about parenting. While you were upstairs writing this ridiculous rant about the worst team in baseball, I've been downstairs experimenting on the long-term effect of glue sniffing on our pet St. Bernard. Great work Pops, great work!

Your son,
Little Lou


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