Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ARod Would be Nice, But Not Likely

I realized today that I’ve spent too much time and emotion on the issue of the Cubs acquiring ARod. In my mind, it has been the centerpiece of the Cubs off-season moves. In reality, it’s a possibility, but it by no means likely.

The focus of the Cubs off-season moves has to center on pitching. The Cubs need a top-of-the-rotation pitcher (Schmidt, Zito, Matusaka) and an innings eater for the #3-4 slot. If they can’t get one of the big three free agents, they need to turn their attention to the next tier of pitchers or look at making a trade.

In addition, the Cubs need to sign at least one FA bat. I’ve written previously about Alfonso Soriano. If Soriano is not a Cub next year it should not be because Jim Hendry didn’t put in the effort or because the Cubs got outbid. Many have opined that Carlos Lee should be the target instead of Soriano. If you look strictly at their stats, CLee may have a very slight edge over Soriano. But to me, Soriano is the more versatile ball player and he seems like the kind of player that still has untapped potential. CLee, at least to me, seems like the kind of player whose skills are going to start to deteriorate. BTW, I have absolutely nothing to base that on.

Finally, the Cubs need to try to acquire another bat via a trade. ARod would be my #1 candidate, but I’d also welcome Vernon Wells, Miguel Cabrera, or Miguel Tejada. Adding one of these guys (or another big bat) via trade would help to vastly improve the Cubs, but it is less important that the first three moves. The first three moves are necessary while adding a bat through a trade is optional.


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