Friday, October 27, 2006

Cubs Add Three Coaches

I'm out-of-town, but still trying to keep up with the blog. The Cubs announced three new coaches today

As previously reported, Mike Quade was formally announced as the Cubs new 3rd base coach. Quade will also be the team's outfield instructor.

Matt Sinatro will be Lou Piniella's 1st base coach coach. Sinatro worked with Piniella previously in Seattle as the bullpen coach.

Lester Strode will be the Cubs bullpen coach. For the past eleven years, Strode has been the Cubs minor league pitching coordinator.

Still to be announced is who will be the Cubs hitting instructor. The two leading candidates are Chris Chambliss, who was Piniella's hitting coach in Cincinnati, and former Red Sox coach Ron Jackson.

I'll keep up as best I can for the next week.

BTW, the Cards just won the World Series...


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