Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's Official: I Don't Like Jay Mariotti

I’ve decided that I don’t like Jay Mariotti. It wasn’t as hard of a decision as you might imagine.

Jay is what was referred to in days gone by as a nattering nabob of negatism. He is negative about everything he writes about. In yesterday’s Sun-Times, Mariotti as much as declared the Cubs 2007 season a failure. Mind you, it hasn’t been played yet. In fact, the 2006 off-season hasn’t even officially begun. Free agents have yet to declare and we are still nearly two months away from the Winter Meetings. Even so, Mariotti, in his infinite wisdom, has announced that as usual, he knows more than us mere mortals, and the Cubs are not going to the playoffs in 2007.

I’ve followed the Cubs now for more than 35 years. I’ve been disappointed time and time again. It’s not easy being a fan on the Cubs. Even so, there’s no reason to give up on next season when this season isn’t even officially over.

Of course, if Mariotti had taken that tact, he wouldn’t feed his rep of being the most negative writer in sports. Nothing is good enough for him, nobody is as smart as him, and no one is as capable. In the odd, negative world where Mariotti lives, he is definitely king.

I don’t get as worked up as some others about what sports writers have to say, but Mariotti is so far beyond the pale that I felt I had to take a stand. I just don’t like him.

In an interview a few weeks ago, Mariotti mentioned that he didn’t care what others had to say about him because every time someone wrote something about him, it just made him that much more famous. I wonder if that works when you write something on a blog that no one reads. Ha, I guess I showed you, Jay. Wait, that’s not good…


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