Sunday, November 19, 2006

This Week in Cubs Nation

This week the Cubs signed FA 2nd baseman Mark DeRosa to a three year contract and the criticism began immediately. DeRosa has been a “super sub” for the Rangers and he was reportedly signed by Jim Hendry to be the Cubs everyday 2nd baseman. Critics accused Hendry of again overpaying for a second tier FA and they reasoned that he should concentrate his efforts (and dollars) on filling the gapping holes on the roster rather than on overpaying role players who would likely be available late in the off-season after the top tier FAs are signed.

The critics have a point, but I’m going to withhold judgment. As readers of this blog will attest, I’m not a big Jim Hendry fan. But I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt this early in the off-season. I’m willing to accept, largely on blind faith, that Hendry has a plan and he is working that plan. I’m willing to accept that DeRosa is just one small piece of the larger puzzle that will become the 2007 Cubs. I’m mostly willing to accept all of this because the alternative is to pull out my hair and have a stroke.

As Cubs fans, we all want to know what the organization plans to do to build a winner next year. But obviously, the team can’t let everyone in on their plans. In the weeks ahead, the plan will be revealed. Hopefully it is a plan that we will all be happy with (although that’s doubtful). But my fear, along with a lot of other people’s, is that the Cubs don’t have a very well defined plan or that they aren’t committed to carry out their plan. But for now, I’m willing to accept that they have a plan and are committed to making it work. History isn’t on my side, but I’m a Cubs fan. And every off-season is the time to once again start believing that next year is the year.


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