Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Odds & Ends

A couple other blogs are reporting that one of the major shareholders of the Trib Co. is calling for the company to divest itself of its ownership in the Cubs (and its interest in the Food Network). In a nutshell, the Trib Co. has been trying to increase profits for the past few years, but their efforts have not produced results. The CEO of the Trib Co., Dennis FitzSimmons, is under pressure to make progress or get out. Selling the Cubs would help produce some badly needed capital. Rumors are already flying that Mark Cuban, maverick owner of the Dallas Mavericks (hmmm) is interested in purchasing the Cubs. Love him or hate him, one thing Cuban has done is spend the money necessary to win. Problem is, money or no money, he hasn't won the big one. If this goes anywhere, it will be interesting.

Despite my support of him in the past, I just have to shake my head at Todd Walker's latest comments. First he said that Dusty Baker promised him the second base job and apparently claimed he had been lied to, and then he did a 180, said he would pull for whomever was given the the job at second base and said no one with the Cubs had lied to him. Have I ever mentioned that I like Jerry Hairston, Jr?

Mark Prior appears to be hurt again. The Cubs are claiming it is a new injury to the back of his right shoulder. Rumors have been swirling for the past week that Prior was injured and the Cubs were covering it up, but the Cubs claim that this injury just reared its ugly head this morning when Prior felt stiffness in his shoulder. He'll have his shoulder examined in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Derek Lee injured his shoulder in a WBC game a couple of nights ago. At that time, it was reported that Lee had hurt his wrist. However, reports I've read since then indicate the injury is to his shoulder. Lee is scheduled to see a specialist and depending on the results, may withdraw from the WBC.

Aramis Ramirez is nursing an infected finger. The finger is not bad enough to keep him out of games, but it is apparently bad enough to use as an excuse for poor hitting and fielding. Without Ramirez, we will likely see John Mabry at third base. Oh my...


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